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Terms & Policies

Nobody Reads Terms & Policies

These conditions have been created to help the school run efficiently and to make your experience as amazing and cheap as possible.

These may be altered at any time without notification.


Please communicate everything by email: info@nooknookmusic.com

Please do not communicate to the teachers about absences, payment, or anything other than about what is being taught in the lessons.

During busy times it might take us a few days to respond. But we try our best to be prompt!


* Students age 4-11 – Please go to: https://nooknookmusic.com/music-clubhouse/
Here you can schedule a make-up session and let us know what day your child will be absent. More information is on the linked page.
It’s a good idea to keep this link in an easy to find place for when you need it.

* Students age 12 and over – You will cancel and choose a make-up lesson on the calendar in the portal.

Go to your portal HERE.

For students 12 and over, a make-up lesson can be scheduled under these conditions:

  • The lesson was canceled at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. No make-ups are given if we’re notified within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson.
  • Each student (12 & older) can have up to 6 make-ups per year. These do not stack.
  • We can not give make-ups for make-ups

Zoom lessons are always available for when you need them. Just email us: info@nooknookmusic.com

There are times when a make-up must be done by a substitute.

Our teachers are extremely busy with tight schedules. Therefore, we cannot freely move lessons around. Your agreed upon scheduled time is what your tuition is paying for.

For the health and safety of all of those at the school, please do not come to the school if you or anyone with you is sick. 

  • Nook Nook Music School does not issue refunds
  • Note: During the summer we are more lenient with our absent and make-up policies as most students prefer to continue and keep their spots year round. 

Teacher Absent 

In the rare case that a teacher must be absent we will notify you by email and phone message as soon as possible to reschedule the lesson. In some cases a substitute may teach the lesson. 

School Closed (Due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstance)

Notices will go out by email and phone messages if the school needs to be closed. We generally follow what the local schools do.

In most cases we will have lessons at your usual scheduled time via Zoom. Zoom links will be provided to you.

Holidays & Days Off

Lessons run every week, even when there are five weeks in a month. These extra days from five-week months throughout the year are used to balance the tuition for various breaks.

See the calendar for specific dates. These are the times we have off:

Spring Break

Memorial Day

Summer Break (July 4th week)

Thanksgiving Break

Winter Break

Duration of Lesson Agreement

The lesson agreement is a rolling agreement that continues into each new month and new year.

Tuition Payment

Your enrollment in lessons at Nook Nook Creative Music School is a month-to-month commitment.

The first month is prorated accordingly. After the first month, tuition is paid in full and prorated tuition can no longer be given. 

Autopay is preferred, but currently we still accept online manual credit card, Venmo, and PayPal payments. 

Payments are collected 7 days before the next billing month.
Ex. Payments for November are due on October 25th.

LATE FEES: If payment is not made 3 days after the due date (7 days before the next month) a late fee of $5/day will be added to your tuition, not to exceed one month’s tuition, until tuition is received.

If tuition is not paid by two months the student will be pulled from the scheduled lesson. 

It is your responsibility to keep your credit card updated. Emails go out if a charge is declined. You can change your credit card in your Nook Account Portal, in person, or over the phone. Please email us if you have any questions. 

There is an annual non-refundable $50 materials fee.


We’re proud that most of our students come from referrals. Because we appreciate it so much you are rewarded for it! If someone you referred signs up your next tuition will be 25% off! In order for this to apply the referrer must add your name to the “How Did You Hear About Is (Referrer)” field on the registration form.

Stopping Lessons

You must notify us by email 2 weeks before the end date. We will prepare the final lessons and tuition will stop. 

Tuition payment for your agreed upon lesson time will continue and your assigned teacher will be waiting if we are not notified by email. 

No refunds or credit can be given for quitting halfway through the month. Exceptions due by exceptional circumstances may be considered by the management. 

We can not hold scheduled spots. Once tuition is stopped your scheduled time will be filled with another student. 

The easiest way to withdraw is by filling out the easy Withdraw Form by clicking HERE.

Thank You 🙂

We appreciate your support in helping bring varied music and creativity back into our world! We’re a small but quickly growing local business on a mission to bring creativity, leadership, and confidence into the lives our or wonderful community. We’re always expanding, learning, and getting better. If you ever have any questions, requests, suggestions, or concerns please reach out to: info@nooknookmusic.com

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