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Accomplish your musical dreams and go to the next level!

Advanced Music Instruction in Doylestown, PA

Private instruction for various music subjects.

Theory: Dig deep into how music works. What makes chords function the way they do? Why do different intervals provoke specific emotions? Can polyrhythyms causes dancing feet to explode? If so, how can you use that when writing a song?

Music School Prep: Get help with preparing to enter a music university like Berklee College of Music.

Arranging: For a job or hobby. Understand the fundamentals of arranging for various ensembles and bands.

Composition: Want to elevate your composition skills? Nothing is better than working with a teacher and getting deep into the details of your craft.

Some other areas of study: song and composition analysis, ear training, harmony, arranging, orchestration, audition preparation and performance, improvisation, composition and song writing, music applications (Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Finale, Sibelius, Garage Band, etc), band, and music history.

You’ll be able to tackle any musical problem thrown your way at any time!

Weekly 30 Minute Private Lesson Package. Only $160/month.

What people say about Nook Nook Music School

“I was overwhelmed and lacked confidence before heading overseas to study at Berklee College of Music, but Marcus helped put things into perspective and we made a clear path of what my time at the school will look like. For that I am forever grateful. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him!” Naohisa, student
“Music has always been my favorite subject, but what I was learning at school and band wasn’t enough. I wanted to understand what was happening in the music and how I could write and arrange my own pieces. Not only did Marcus guide me in those areas, but he opened up a whole new world of music for me!” Koichi, student

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