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Nook Nook Music Showteams

One-Time Music Assembly For Your School

Nook Nook Music ShowTeams School Assembly

Discover the captivating endeavors of The Nook Nook Creative Village Showteams across Bucks County schools!

Bring the vibrant Nook Nook Showteams to your school for an unforgettable assembly that delves into the joy and creativity inherent in all genres of music.

Please watch the promo video below to give you a little taste of what we do:

Experience an interactive showcase that not only entertains but also educates students on the fascinating world of music.

Gain insights into the significance of music in fostering leadership skills, confidence, and cognitive abilities in children.

All of our teachers are experienced music educators with full clearances and dedicated to furthering the creative music education at Nook Nook Creative Village in Doylestown, Pa.

To learn more and schedule a one-of-a-kind musical assembly, reach out to us at:


Unleash the power of music for your students!

What people say about Nook Nook Music School

"This must have been the best time our students ever had. I've never seen them so excited and actively participating. Such a creative way to teach children about how fun music can be." -Miss Jamison
"I wholeheartedly endorse Nook's Showteams for their exceptional contribution to our school. They have illuminated our campus with a vibrant and diverse array of music, fostering a profound awareness of musical richness from around the world—an accomplishment only the Nook team could achieve." -Mr. Kaye