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You’ve finally found Electronic Music Lessons for your child/teen in Doylestown!

Electronic Music Lessons in Doylestown, PA


THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT – See below for Electronic Music Lessons at Nook Nook Creative Music School. Also, look out for more awesome creative workshops.

Electronic Workshop for Kids! How electronic music is made is a mystery to many. But Doylestown’s own electronic musician OcSol, and music educator, Marcus Staniec, are going to reveal just how important electronic music is and how to actually make it! In this very special creative based workshop! If your child is interested in any music at all, this is a must see!
September 17 (SAT): 1PM-2PM

Limited space so reserve before all seats are taken.
Please click on the date of the workshop below to reserve:

Why Electronic Music Lessons are the most important Music lessons

Do you want your kids/teens to fall in love with music – their own way?

Electronic music is the most loved music by children and teens today. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s in video games, pop music, movies, YouTube, everywhere. And do you know what? It’s just as beautiful and artistic as every other kind of music. But, students need the right teacher and program to help guide them to learn about music and how to create it. That’s where Mr. Dee comes in!

What do students who take Electronic Music private lessons at Nook Nook Creative Music School work on?

Students are not just sitting in front of a screen pushing buttons. Lessons are split up into learning piano, then moving to the drum kit, then creating music on the computer.

We start by using an app called “Garage Band” which is freely available to anyone who has any Apple devise (iPhone, iPad, computer). Devises are not necessary to have at home. But they are easily available.

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How are music lessons at Nook Nook Creative Music School different?

Let us know what kind of lessons you’d like, or leave it up to us!
Anywhere from a strict traditional method all the way to a super creative imagination-based approach or anything inbetween!

All ages starting from 7 years old are welcome! Any level, ability, and interest!

Classes for kids as young as 4: Music Band (ages 4-11)

    Electronic Music Lessons in Doylestown, PA

    Private Electronic Music Lessons: Weekly 30 Minute Lesson Package.

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    Not sure what instrument yet, or interested in a class that teaches various instruments along with many other musical goodies? Check out Music Band (ages 4-11).

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Structured lessons helping students explore and express their creativity through music