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You’ve finally found your perfect bass teacher!

Bass Lessons in Doylestown, PA

There is no better feeling in the world than laying down a grooving bass line! Up on stage, looking down at the audience bopping their heads to every note your fingers create. Locked in with the drums. You’re in control of the crowd! You make the whole room dance! The world would have so many more amazing bass players if bass teachers just weren’t boring! Well, now’s your chance to get in on a little secret! A super cool bass teacher that not only makes lessons fun and easy but also inspires your imagination to be the best bassist you could possibly be!

At Nook Nook Music School in Doylestown your child doesn’t merely copy music made by other people. They are encouraged to think like creative individuals and leaders, to be themselves, and to create their own unique music.
As one mother put it, “It’s like an art class, but with music and sound!”
Kids are closest to their true personal creative selves when they are playing. We help guide them with playful activities like music games designed for creative exploration, performances of their own songs and music they love, and learning sessions about how music works.

Let’s us know what kind of lessons you’d like, or leave it up to us! Anywhere from a strict traditional method all the way to a super creative imagination-based approach or anything inbetween!

All ages starting from 6 years old are welcome! Any level, ability, and interest!

Classes for kids as young as 4 are Kidzrock (rock band ages 4-7) and Music & My Imagination (kids creative music class).

What people say about Nook Nook Music School

"I regret that I waited so long to take bass lessons. I always felt that they would be too difficult and I would embarrass myself. Nook Nook proved me wrong and I found an amazing community and I'm playing in a great band!" -Ezra Hill, fantatsic bass player!
"Bass is cool! Marcus (teacher) is the best music person ever! I want to come (to Nook Nook) every day! Haaha!" Glen, 7 years old, bass student
  • Weekly lessons: assign awesome material personalized for each student, check progress, learn songs, play music games, joke & laugh
  • Every student gets their own account set up in our Online Nook Nook Music Hub: Full of features to help your child fit music into their lives even outside the classroom! (can be viewed on computers and phones with parent’s supervision of course!)
  • A Nook Book!: A very special customizable Trapper Keeper-like binder that levels up with the student! If there are schools in the universe of Dr. Seuss, this is what the textbooks would look like! For class material, homework, flashcards, games, etc.
  • All learning materials are provided by Nook Nook for the student to keep. Books, charts, posters, games, stickers, music food! (Well, maybe not music food, but you never know!)
  • Special surprises when you least expect them!
  • And so much more! Schedule a free trial lesson to see for yourself!

Private Bass Lessons: Weekly 30 Minute Lesson Package. $160/month

Get started in these easy steps:

Fill out the super simple form or call us.

We’ll magically put together a lesson just for you and get you conveniently scheduled for a free trial lesson.

Start learning and playing music!

Dreams achieved!

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