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Check out our menu of bands for ages 4-18!

Music Band in Doylestown, Pa


* Band: Ages 4-6

Bands designed for younger children. Can you believe it? Your young child experiencing the awesomeness of being in a band?

It’s absolutely true! And it is glorious!

Your kids learn how to play various instruments in a real band! They will never know they’re learning in these amazing play-based learning music lessons!

Every child will learn the basics of drums, guitar, keyboard, ukulele,  vocals, and more. Excitement builds every lesson as they prepare to perform in their very own real concert! Can you imagine the thrill and emotion of watching your child up there on stage focused on the thrill of performing music to a crowd?

Music lessons that are as cool as your kids!

* Band: Ages 7-9 / 10-12

It’s a Kids Creative Collective! Open to all styles of music these students start playing full songs that they love as well as their very own music!

Some band members might stick with one instrument while others rotate around different instruments. Different kinds of music from all over the world and throughout history is introduced. Eventually they will morph into what the band as a whole likes best. Highly creative, focused on teamwork and friendship, and always working hard while having fun. Each one of these bands evolve into their own thing depending on the members. Not one band is ever the same! It’s something really special!

Big on projects such as concerts, song writing, recording (in a real studio!), making music videos, school-wide contests and activities, and so much more!

* Teen Bands: Musicality Youth Ensembles

In partnership with Musicality Youth Ensembles with Bill Gottshall

THE teen ensemble to be in for those who are serious about playing music.

A performance group playing many styles of music while learning music theory and having fun!

Students from Central Bucks, Pennridge, Souderton, & North Penn regions.

They perform shows throughout the year around the area.

For teens who need more than what they’re getting in their school’s bands and their regular private lessons. A much bigger emphasis on:

Ear training
Performance Skills
Concert Business

More information about Musicality bands HERE.

    In Kids Band (ages 4-12) students will:

    1. Play music with actual instruments!
    2. Learn the basics of keyboard, guitar, voice, and drums!
    3. Perform at their very own concert!
    4. Learn songs designed specifically for their own age!
    5. Learn their favorite songs!
    6. Write their own songs and record them!
    7. Learn how to read music!
    8. Understand how music works!
    9. Practice performance skills and teamwork!
    10. Create their own band name and logo!
    11. Create their own t-shirts and posters!
    12. Explore all kinds of music!
    13. And so much more!

    Even if they’ve never picked up an instrument before!
    No at home practice necessary (though, it won’t hurt)!

Kids Band in Doylestown, PA

Kids Band (4-12): Weekly 60 Minute Lesson Package.

Teen Band: Musicality (12-18): Weekly 90 Minute Lesson Package.

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