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You’ve finally found your perfect art teacher!

Art Classes in Doylestown, PA

Art Classes At Nook Nook!


Artventure Club with Miss Anita Thompson At Nook Nook Creative Music School

HOW LONG: 1 Hour Art Classes

4 to 6 – 4PM (WED)
7 to 9 – 5PM (WED)

HOW MUCH: Sign up now for the Special Starter Package Deal!
3 one-hour classes for $33.33 each!
Pay a $100 flat rate for all classes from November 15th until December 20th!

WHERE: Nook Nook Creative Music School (Art Club Room)

WHEN: Wednesdays: 11/29, 12/13, 12/20.

What happens after the last class (12/20)? A discounted monthly tuition rate will apply to Anita’s weekly art classes, commencing on January 3rd (Wednesday) and continuing every subsequent Wednesday.

If You Don’t Know Anita Thompson

The most sought after art teacher for kids and adults in the area is now setting up camp at Nook! You might have taken lessons with her in various places in Bucks, or maybe you were on of the lucky ones who joined her art workshops at the Nook Fair last August! We’re extremely excited to have her on board teaching art at Nook Nook Creative Music School.

These classes will be skill building classes, so your child will start with basic shapes and learn the following:

• Creativity, planning, design, and construction of ideas

• Science and math skills as they manipulate materials.

• Respect for the artistic expression of others

• Shapes, colors, and textures, as well as the vocabulary that go with these elemental components.

• Fine motor skills, cognitive development, math skills, and language skills

• Comprehension skills, literacy, and an opportunity to talk about colors, shapes, and what they are doing.

We will also have art shows and fun art events throughout the year and will keep you informed when those will be happening!

Hurry, secure your spot in our limited-seat classes before they’re all taken!

By signing up for the Starter Package, you lock in the current low price, ensuring it remains unchanged if you choose to continue through January 2024.

Your initial tuition for classes from November 29th to December 20th is just a flat rate of $100, and there’s a one-time $50 materials fee upon registration.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join our exclusive art classes!


What people say about Nook Nook Music School

"Anita has brought art and creativity into our children's lives and it's a beautiful thing! She's the best around and is highly recommended." -Elizabeth Kelph (mother)
"We're so excited that our favorite art teacher is coming to Nook Nook. Our children already love their music lessons there, now they can continue their art classes there as well. What an amazing collaboration!" -Meg Larson (mother)