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Nook Nook Music Clubhouse Sign-Up

When a young student (ages 4-11) misses a lesson they can make it up in a fun and social creative musical setting!

Multiple times every month we provide group sessions that feature various musical and creative activities such as music games, music creation, imaginative workshops, and more! It’s a wonderful way to allow our students to experience playing and creating music in a setting that’s different from their normal weekly music lessons.

At these sessions students are encouraged to play their primary instrument and go over what they’ve been learning in their private lessons, but they can also try out and learn other instruments. Sessions can have from one to six students.

All make-up classes will be held as Music Clubhouse sessions. All you have to do is sign up in the calendar above! Don’t forget to state which lesson you are canceling in the space provided.

Keep this page’s link handy and whenever you need a make-up, simply go to this page and choose the day that’s best for you!

The slot on the calendar will disappear once a session is filled up.

If none of the times on the calendar work for you try scrolling to another month. We update new times every two months, so please check back when you can 🙂

Once you cancel a lesson you’ll receive a make-up credit to use towards a Music Clubhouse session.

Why Music Clubhouse is better than traditional make-up lessons

Let your child put their musical powers to work in this imaginative environment unlike any other!

Not convinced? Ponder this “testimonial:”
“At first I was unsure if Music Clubhouse was worth my children’s time, admittedly not really knowing what it even is. But once it started I saw how much everyone enjoyed it and how much was learned! Now they ask me to take them to Music Clubhouse all the time!” -Literally every parent 🙂