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Music Lessons in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA



At Nook Nook Creative Music School we genuinely believe that, with the right program and teachers, anyone can play music. Our goal is to fulfill that belief and help your child experience a life long love of music!
Our hope is that your child will experience confidence and success in our programs along with the ability to explore their creativity like they have never imagined!
We’re not just a small music school in Doylestown, but a movement to fulfill the need for creativity in our society for the young, old, and in-between!

Music lessons in Doylestown, PA for all ages and abilities at our school or in your home!

Rock Band Ages 4-7

A rock band class for kids 4-7! A nationally acclaimed kids music program that’s full of energy and extremely fun!

Interactive Music Class (Ages 0-5)

A holistic approach to early childhood music education! We offer interactive music classes that include creative movement and mindfulness-based activities for children, birth-5 years!

Guitar Lessons

You’ve finally found your perfect guitar teacher! Groups and Private Guitar Lessons are available in Doylestown

Piano Lessons

You’ve finally found your perfect piano teacher! Groups and Private piano Lessons are available in Doylestown

Ukulele Lessons

You finally found your perfect ukulele lessons in Doylestown PA!

Bass Lessons

You’ve finally found your perfect bass teacher! Groups and Private Bass Lessons are available in Doylestown

Kids Creative Music Class

The famous award-winning class for kids where they learn all things music in a highly creative setting now in Doylestown!

Voice Lessons

You’ve finally found your perfect voice teacher! Groups and Private voice Lessons are available in Doylestown

Summer Camp 2020

Music Summer Camp 2020 for ages 4-11. Discover the world of music in various creative settings including band, music lessons, games, and more! A magical time of musical memories and lasting friendships!

Deep Music!

Private instruction for various music subjects including theory, arranging, composition, music school prep, improvisation, and more!

Drink & Jam

Come hang out, learn, drink, and jam! 21+ For beginners to intermediate. What better way to learn how to play the guitar than with your favorite drink in hand and friends by your side? Surrounded by the sounds of music and laughter! A unique learning and social experience like no other!

What people say about Nook Nook Music School

"The best music school in Doylestown! Both of my kids look forward to their classes here every week. One on guitar and one on piano. Their understanding of music and their confidence have skyrocketed! Highly recommended!" Mrs. Stinson, parent

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